Autumn is Butterfly Time

People often think of spring as prime time for butterflies. The truth is, in Texas, autumn is the best time for butterflies. This past Friday is a case in point. I made it out to one of my favorite spots in southwest Houston, Seabourne Creek Nature Park, and saw more butterflies than I have ever seen there. The butterfly garden was in full fall bloom and the Blue Mist was crawling with all sorts of butterflies.

In a couple of hours I saw Monarchs, Queens, Painted Ladies, Gulf Fritillaries, Pearl Crescents, Cloudless Sulphurs, Long-tailed Skippers, American Snouts, Common Buckeyes, Little Yellows, Dainty Sulphurs, Common Checkered Skippers, Clouded Skippers, Fiery Skippers, and Sachems.

My best sighting of the day: A Great Purple Hairstreak. No they’re not rare, but you don’t see them everyday, either.

The weather should hold for a while longer meaning the butterflies should be plentiful for a while longer.

Pro-tip: Go looking in late afternoon on bright sunny days. Butterflies don’t like the cool mornings.

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