How a Hobby was born

Name: Taylor Sandlin

Day Job: Pastor

Gear: Nikon D850

A Magic Garden

A few years ago in the dead of winter, I bought a house in San Angelo, Texas with a hidden feature. There was a magic garden in the backyard that I didn’t even know existed.

When the weather began to warm, the barren backyard burst forth in life. First, green sprouts emerged. Next, came the flowers. Then, the butterflies showed up.

By the fall, dozens of butterflies flew about the yard every day. I began to learn their names: Queen, Monarch, Theona Checkerspot, Pipevine Swallowtail. Before I knew it, a hobby was born.

By the time I moved away from that home a few years later, I had recorded sixty different species just in that yard.

A New Hobby

Since then, I’ve traveled all over the state (and beyond) on the lookout for butterflies. This website is an attempt to share what I’ve seen with others.

My goals for this blog are simple.

  1. I want to highlight the butterflies I’ve seen.
  2. I want to highlight some of my favorite spots to see butterflies across Texas.
  3. I want to hear from others about their favorite spots (please leave comments!)

Let me be clear, I’m a hobbyist not a professional. You’ll find more informative butterfly and more informative photography sites out there.

This site is a place for me to share what brings me joy. Hopefully, it will bring you some joy, too.

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