Sleepy Orange

Sleepy Orange

Eurema nicippe

The Sleepy Orange is more yellow than orange and isn’t lazy from what I can tell. Some think it got its name from the small black marks on the upperside of its forewing. Apparently, some folks think it looks like a closed eye.

You’ll find this active flyer all over Texas. It’s markings can change a bit, especially from winter to summer. It tends to always have that brown mark at the top edge of its hind wing.

While most of the pics below show it sitting with much of the forewing showing, it will often sit with much of forewing concealed beneath the hindwing.

It doesn’t seem to be overly picky when it comes to nectaring on flowers. I’ve had it feed on any number of plants in my garden.

One Comment on “Sleepy Orange

  1. Taylor, Our daughter, Christy, would like to be added to your list for this, if that’s okay. She’s become quite the butterfly fan and almost by accident has ended up a Monarch caterpillar & crysalis caregiver! 😏

    Norvell would like to be added as well.

    Love seeing those beautiful photos and your commentary! Sybil



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