Checkered White

Checkered White

Pontia protodice

There are only two whites that are common throughout most of Texas. One of those is the Checkered White which can be seen in every part of the state (the other is the Cabbage White). Though simple in appearance, its white wings stand out against brightly colored flowers.

The males are mostly white above and below with a few black markings on the forewing. The females have a greater number of black markings on the upperside of the fore and hindwings. Those markings form a pattern of white diamonds along the edge of the hindwing.

In my experience, Checkered Whites are a bit skittish and tend to be in flight more than settled upon a plant, although you can occasionally catch them feeding. As often as not, I have found them on the ground drawing water from moist dirt.

The larva feed on mustard plants.

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