Texas Butterfly

One of the largest butterflies in North America, the Giant Swallowtail lives throughout Texas. You will see this butterfly in both your garden and flitting along wooded paths.

The Gray Hairstreak is the most common hairstreak in Texas. You will see it everywhere: fields, flower gardens, in your backyard, and in the countryside. Still, it's one of my favorites....

Often mistaken for the Monarch, the Queen butterfly often outnumbers its orange look alike. Absent only from East Texas, it can be found in large numbers throughout the state.

When many people think of butterflies, they think Monarchs. Monarchs can be found throughout the United States and across Texas. In fact, the Monarch is the official State Insect of Texas!

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A year round resident of Texas, this butterfly draws its name from the dog'd face that can be seen on the upperside of its forewing. The Southern Dogface is easy to...